Horeca Decor – your supplier of accessories for home, hotel and restaurant .

We are the family company with experience in building relationships between European manufacturers and distributors with customers worldwide.

Over the last ten years we have helped build many business relationships by taking the position of Businees Developement Directors and Sales Management in the non-food category companies with worldwide distribution. Currently we are building our own brand – Horeca Decor, which we hope will become a solid partner for companies from the Horeca industry throughout the Europe.

In our offer you will find ecological disposable packaging, dishes, decorative elements of ballrooms and restaurants, elegant scented candles, fragrances, tableware and even furniture and equipment for industrial kitchens and bars.

If you are looking for equipment for your restaurant, spa, hotel or just to go home, please contact us and we will try to help you with both wholesale and retail offer.

We invite you to cooperattion,
Horeca-Decor Team